Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27th Update

Remember for the most uptodate information always check out only tidbits are posted here.

First the milestone of the 100th Person be "officially" registered - we know there are about 150 others we can name off the top of our head that aren't "officially" registered - please start bugging them. The sooner we know what people the need the better it helps us plan!

As well a huge hats off to Catapult Jeff & Iron Maiden for the amazing 24 hour Relay for Ammo Cans.

A few hours ago they completed the journey with the precious cargo and now with tears in my eyes say they are here! (and apparently they didn't want to strip search Jeff either - which could be a good thing!)

The artwork for the coins was signed off on Tuesday (we had one minor change) and the Sample Coins we expect in 2 weeks.

Sitting in my living room, along with the Ammo Cans, are the registration packages which this week got an extra little goodie (which will be shared on a first come first registered basis 1 per registeration) - we recieved a shipment of lanyards donated from Cache-A-Maniacs this week! We did a podcast with them that should be published soon. If I sound like the nerd I am.. well I am.

It Total there will be four "offical" events as part of this that will give you smilies, details can be found in the links:

1. GeoCoin Show & Shine on friday Night -

2. Copper Rush CITO -

3. Coper Rush Awards Dinner -

These additional 3 events will start to be published at the beginning of May (3 months out).

Now one last topic for the day Prizes.

Well there will be 2 categories of prizes:

1. Door Prizes that everyone is eligible for - the quanitity of these will be determined on what is donated over the next few months. Currently the box is slowly growing and includes a few coins, travel mug & a monkey bank!

2. Door Prizes that are donated by cachers attending - you will have to have donated a prize to be eligible for these ones

Well that's it for today!

If you have any questions along the way - never hesitate to ask!

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