Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Planning Starts

Well we're happy to say the Logo & Coin are in design process - yes far ahead but we'd like to start the planning with a Logo.. that matches the coin. We're using the same coin manufacturer as last time.

The website is underway - once we have it up and running we'd like to get your feedback on how to improve it. Should be ready to announce it in a few weeks.

And the first 7 new cache locations have been choosen.. Some for views, some for history, and some a combination of both. Not even going to give any of them away yet..

We also picked up 2 great history books on the area, if any of you happen to have history books on the Similkameen please let us know - the more info we have the better!

For Camping locations we're looking at 2 possibilities right now (both are in Princeton itself) that can accomodate what we need. And we're working on the presentation for the City of Princeton!

There also is now a next full of baby robins under the deck at the cabin that hatched on Saturday.. so ugly their cute.. :)

We will be taking registrations soon - just not quite yet.. :)

Last but not least - we have added in the Whipsaw Run. We welcome anyone who would like to come on it, however it is a true hardcore 4x4 road - rated one of the best trails by BFG - however even we may need to winch through parts with the tank. We will be giving minimum guidelines on vehicles as we don't want to spend the day winching. That will be posted soon. However we also ask that if you have any empty seats that we put them up for others to join in. It's an amazing area! And those that don't have the vehicles shouldn't miss out. There will be at least 10 caches through here by then. And they will have good terrain ratings!

See you all soon!

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  1. sign me up for the Car Friendly Run, please and thanks.
    Which books do you have for the Similkameen area?


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