Thursday, May 21, 2009

It Starts

Well first things - first - build the basic frame work right off the start..

As for location yet for camping, sleeping, caches - that is all a mystery - but we're already hearing people saying they'll be there **** or high water so thought we need to at least build a location to house the information!

A few things will be different this time:

There will be 2 runs - Car friendly & 4x4 friendly - a bit fairer this time
It will be July 30 - August 2, 2010
There will be a wedding somewhere in there (no gifts please - unless you want to donate to a Enduro Bike fund or for j/k)
We will be camping along with everyone else
There will NOT be 3,000 cards but another way to track your points & a random element
We will be offering "packages" so to speak with choices of book, coin, t-shirt etc - that can be pre-paid (hey it will make the budget a bit easier) We have to work out the details with our suppliers (yes Nina you'll be hearing from us soon.. lol) but as per the last one it will be reasonable as we're not hear to make a profit.
No caches will be published until the day of the event, but all will be "caches" - we will be working with mtn-man to make this happen
There will be a map in the middle of the book

So as we here from people we'll be posting it all here! And adding to lists links and everything. Now off to think of a logo and coin design!

This event is being held in conjunction with Princeton's 150th Birthday.. So a huge thank you to the community for supporting this!


  1. FTPAC !!! (First to post a comment)

    Book me in for a spot on the 4X4 group...

  2. not cool.....geowoodstock is on the 3rd :o(

  3. Yes, the 3rd of july. this will be over july 30 - aug 2. no overlap at all!

  4. Count me in on everything. I will do the 4x4 stuff as my official contest.


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