Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27th Update

Remember for the most uptodate information always check out only tidbits are posted here.

First the milestone of the 100th Person be "officially" registered - we know there are about 150 others we can name off the top of our head that aren't "officially" registered - please start bugging them. The sooner we know what people the need the better it helps us plan!

As well a huge hats off to Catapult Jeff & Iron Maiden for the amazing 24 hour Relay for Ammo Cans.

A few hours ago they completed the journey with the precious cargo and now with tears in my eyes say they are here! (and apparently they didn't want to strip search Jeff either - which could be a good thing!)

The artwork for the coins was signed off on Tuesday (we had one minor change) and the Sample Coins we expect in 2 weeks.

Sitting in my living room, along with the Ammo Cans, are the registration packages which this week got an extra little goodie (which will be shared on a first come first registered basis 1 per registeration) - we recieved a shipment of lanyards donated from Cache-A-Maniacs this week! We did a podcast with them that should be published soon. If I sound like the nerd I am.. well I am.

It Total there will be four "offical" events as part of this that will give you smilies, details can be found in the links:

1. GeoCoin Show & Shine on friday Night -

2. Copper Rush CITO -

3. Coper Rush Awards Dinner -

These additional 3 events will start to be published at the beginning of May (3 months out).

Now one last topic for the day Prizes.

Well there will be 2 categories of prizes:

1. Door Prizes that everyone is eligible for - the quanitity of these will be determined on what is donated over the next few months. Currently the box is slowly growing and includes a few coins, travel mug & a monkey bank!

2. Door Prizes that are donated by cachers attending - you will have to have donated a prize to be eligible for these ones

Well that's it for today!

If you have any questions along the way - never hesitate to ask!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Geocoin Show & Shine

To a reminder to all that are following here - it is always best to follow on the official website: - All updates are posted there, and occasionally here.

Putting the latest item here -

Copper Rush - Friday Night GeoCoin Show & Shine

July 30th, 2010 - 7 PM until bed

Friday – the Festivities Start, either you’ve already spent the day caching – or you’re just ready to get started – either way when dusk starts in its time to focus on something other than TupperWare in the Forest! It’s time to meet your fellow Cachers!
We realized that BC never really has had a Province Wide Geocoin Show & Shine!

So what better way to highlight your collections - Bring them all!!!

Have Geocoins? Bring them out for the Geo-Coin Show & Shine at the Picnic Tables!

Have TB’s to Exchange? Bring them over to the central exchange to move on to their new locations!

Join us around the Fairgrounds and the “Root”Beer Gardens The Horseshoe Pits will be open!

Over at the Stage Catapult Jeff will be showing the evening movie!

Campfire & Marshmallows will be allowed if there is no fire ban.
Time - 7 PM until we wander off to Bed
If you have not registered yet then find Mrs. Turtle Full registration will continue until she goes to bed.

Official Supplier of The Great Copper Rush GeoCoin Show & Shine

Friday, January 1, 2010

2 Cache Pages!

It's been a few months since we've given an update - now remember folks - only 7 months until it happens! Can't list the cache page for another month yet.

There will be 4 events (Friday meet & greet, the event, the awards dinner & a CITO)A few links for you - these pages will be updated on a regular basis.

Main Page
Formal RegistrationExisting Caches to Be Used (not all listed yet)
List of Caches to be submitted for the Event

Many more to be listed here as we find the locationsThese Caches that are listed here will be linked to a page that has all their info (except coordinates).

This weekend I designed the log books that will be going into each of the caches being placed for the event (up to 75 ) These caches will not be listed until the Monday of the event.

As well we started putting together the book for the event and it should be organized just a tad bit better. .lol

And if you take a look at the caches that are included that are already listed - it will give you an idea of the area that we will be covering..

We also have done up the first 2 cache pages:

Wells Lake
Janzen Rock

Expected Itenerary (Subject to Change) - If you would like to host something yourself during the weekend let us know your idea!

Friday –
o 7 PM Group Camp Meet & Greet
o 7 PM Movie Night Under the Stars – Hosted by Catapult Jeff in The Rootbeer Saloon
Saturday -
o 8 AM - Pancake Breakfast – Hosted by Catapult Jeff in The Rootbeer Saloon
o 9 AM – Meet at Whipsaw turn off for guided tour for the day – Hosted by Mr. Turtle
o 7 PM Movie Night Under the Stars – Hosted by Catapult Jeff in the Rootbeer Saloon
o 9 PM – Texas Holdem Tournament - Hosted by Gearhedd
Sunday -
o 8 AM - Pancake Breakfast – Hosted by Catapult Jeff in The Rootbeer Saloon
o 7 PM – Start of Awards & Potluck Dinner
Monday –
o CITO (if you are unable to attend on Monday please let us know and you can do this at another time over the weekend to claim it

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We haven't forgotten

A lot has been occuring over the last few months - but we have over 8 months left to go - so lots of time.

Today we are working on some fundamental pieces and will be doing a full update in the next few weeks - This weekends goal is to create an ad for the BCGA Site - here is our first attempt!

I kind of like it.. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Quick update!

A quick note - we are very close to hearing if we get the fairgrounds as base camp. I touched base with the manager today so cross your fingers!!If all goes well everyone will have showers, bathrooms and running water!!And all for between $25 - $40 per unit for Thurs - Monday.. so please send your thoughts this works..

Everything will be held through the website Please give us feedback on the registration process as we'd like to fine tune it as we get closer. You must create an account on the website to register for the event, as this will also allow us to send you e-mail updates on where things are.. :)

Registration form is there, the only thing that may be subject to change is the camping fee - we still estimate $10 a night. Please feel free to register now, we will also be accepting payment early so that we can fund the event. Registration's can be paid through Paypal and we will send an invoice

The logo is underway, and the first 4 caches have been placed (to be listed in August of 2010) - as well 5 additional locations identified but need to pick up some Ammo boxes. We meet with the city of Princeton August 4th to present and make sure they are on board..Caching will be from Princton through the back roads to Copper Mountain ( you can safely get a car through them - even if you're not Graf and would like to keep the car in one piece), all the way down to Hedley and then a 4x4 run for those with stock vehicles(like jeeps that want a bit more fun, but you won't wreck the vehicle) and then a more intense one for those on quads/ 4x4's that want the challenge - We went through July long weekend. There will be additional caches other then what is listed through there.

Whipsaw Geocache Run

The list of what we need help with will be coming very soon!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Planning Starts

Well we're happy to say the Logo & Coin are in design process - yes far ahead but we'd like to start the planning with a Logo.. that matches the coin. We're using the same coin manufacturer as last time.

The website is underway - once we have it up and running we'd like to get your feedback on how to improve it. Should be ready to announce it in a few weeks.

And the first 7 new cache locations have been choosen.. Some for views, some for history, and some a combination of both. Not even going to give any of them away yet..

We also picked up 2 great history books on the area, if any of you happen to have history books on the Similkameen please let us know - the more info we have the better!

For Camping locations we're looking at 2 possibilities right now (both are in Princeton itself) that can accomodate what we need. And we're working on the presentation for the City of Princeton!

There also is now a next full of baby robins under the deck at the cabin that hatched on Saturday.. so ugly their cute.. :)

We will be taking registrations soon - just not quite yet.. :)

Last but not least - we have added in the Whipsaw Run. We welcome anyone who would like to come on it, however it is a true hardcore 4x4 road - rated one of the best trails by BFG - however even we may need to winch through parts with the tank. We will be giving minimum guidelines on vehicles as we don't want to spend the day winching. That will be posted soon. However we also ask that if you have any empty seats that we put them up for others to join in. It's an amazing area! And those that don't have the vehicles shouldn't miss out. There will be at least 10 caches through here by then. And they will have good terrain ratings!

See you all soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It Starts

Well first things - first - build the basic frame work right off the start..

As for location yet for camping, sleeping, caches - that is all a mystery - but we're already hearing people saying they'll be there **** or high water so thought we need to at least build a location to house the information!

A few things will be different this time:

There will be 2 runs - Car friendly & 4x4 friendly - a bit fairer this time
It will be July 30 - August 2, 2010
There will be a wedding somewhere in there (no gifts please - unless you want to donate to a Enduro Bike fund or for j/k)
We will be camping along with everyone else
There will NOT be 3,000 cards but another way to track your points & a random element
We will be offering "packages" so to speak with choices of book, coin, t-shirt etc - that can be pre-paid (hey it will make the budget a bit easier) We have to work out the details with our suppliers (yes Nina you'll be hearing from us soon.. lol) but as per the last one it will be reasonable as we're not hear to make a profit.
No caches will be published until the day of the event, but all will be "caches" - we will be working with mtn-man to make this happen
There will be a map in the middle of the book

So as we here from people we'll be posting it all here! And adding to lists links and everything. Now off to think of a logo and coin design!

This event is being held in conjunction with Princeton's 150th Birthday.. So a huge thank you to the community for supporting this!

Day Counter for the Great Copper Rush!